We went round the loop – now it’s your turn!

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Earlier this month two intrepid teams of photographers set off to conquer Leeds’ central, one-way loop road in a battle of photographic wits.

Team Snap Shot Leeds – the ‘beginners’ – set off in a clockwise direction from the Corn Exchange – heading towards the station, City Square and Town Hall and the Exposure Leeds crew – the ‘experts’ – set off toward the Parish Church and Bus Station.

We gave all the photographers a deadline to return their photos, before we then pass them over to the public to review and let us know which you think is best.

So… go have a look, choose which set of images you like the best and vote – then we’ll know who was best on the day!

The Poll is now closed and we can reveal the results as…

Which makes Team 2 – the ‘novices’ the winners! Congrats. Thanks to everyone who took part and voted.

A big thanks to the musicians – Himself and Serious Sam Barrett for letting us use their music.

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3 Responses to We went round the loop – now it’s your turn!

  1. Some excellent shots in both videos. I came on a photowalk with Exposure Leeds last year but have been very slack since then. Must make more of an effort.

  2. Morticia Maguire-Broad says:

    I really liked the 3rd photo in team number one’s montage, lovely bit of black and white seeming abandonment.

    I also really liked the photo in the second one of the shadow underneath the railway arches (think it might have been near The Cockpit) but overall I thought the pics in montage one were better framed and focused and the black and white ones were lovely :-)

  3. […] the photos to the vote of the Leeds public and here are the results! The Exposure Leeds site has the galleries of both team’s efforts. Representing team Snapshot Leeds and the beginners […]

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