To Louisville; and don’t spare the horses…

Saturday 17th September

After last night’s Meet-up with Sylvia (Sister Cities of Louisville) and Ann (Royal Armouries) it’s now time for the adventure proper to begin.

Packing, clearing emails and a bit of blog updating and I was pretty much ready.
Saturday morning saw a sunny day in Leeds – and the start of a good, if niggle-prone journey to Louisville. But, let’s not make this a whinging blog!

After what has been a long day (coming up to 20 hours since I woke in leeds) I’m now very excited – and with slightly trepidation about what happens now. My general project is to be a reaction to what I find – an attempt to engage with local photographers and find ways to link them to people and activities in Leeds. That, and to capture Louisvillians to share with Loiners further down the line.

The taking of photos is fine; I’ve cut my teeth there already – but what to put with them, a name isn’t enough – what does a Leeds person want to know of someone thousands of miles away, where the link is largely arbitrary – two cities with museums focusing on armaments and having gone through radical change in recent years.

I guess I have to start with the things I’d like to know; what do you do? Were you born here? What’s so great about Louisville? What, if anything, do you know of Leeds? What does your life look like? In what ways is your life different to that of someone in Leeds? In fact – who do you compare to in our city? What are the issues and joys in your life?

For the photographers I’d be interested to see if the attitude to photography compares with ours – how issues, difficulties and opportunities in kentucky are similar or different to our own.

So, there’s my starting point. I’m currently flying over Virginia minutes from descending into Louisville – happy that my good friend Michael will be waiting for me and ready to find out what the city is really like – away from anecdote and Google searches.

Speak again ‘on the morrow’.

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