The Olympics hit Wetherby!

It seems to have been coming for ages – but finally the Olympics juggernaut is upon us! After Exposure Leeds talked to Lee Karen Stow yesterday about her exhibition in the Cultural Olympiad we’ve a gallery of images from our own Ant Chippendale – covering the Olympic torch’s trip to Wetherby…

Today (19th June, 2012) was an exciting day for my village of Boston Spa in Wetherby, North Leeds – the Olympic Torch relay passed through just before lunchtime and I was there to capture the action, including the build up during the morning. I have never seen so many people on the streets before – all the local schools were on the streets and everyone came out of their homes and workplaces to watch and cheer. Before the actual torch passed through several promotional vehicles / busses went by including Samsung and Coca-Cola.

I’m very pleased with the photos I got and wanted to share them with Exposure Leeds. Event photography is something which interests me and this was a great event to capture. I only wish I had a faster lens for photos of the actual runner!

[slidepress gallery=’ant-olympic-torch’]

All images © Ant Chippendale, all rights reserved ____________________Go full screen!^

See Ant’s website for more of his imagery – and don’t forget the Olympic flame comes through Leeds and Bradford this weekend! 24th June | 25th June


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