Ruhrkohle AG

In the summer of 2011, Joe Stenson travelled to Germany to investigate, explore and document the hulking structures left above ground behind by the steep decline of the Ruhr region’s Coal mining industry. These quiet, rusting relics of former Industrial fervour and might dwarf humans with their sheer scale.

The people of the Ruhr take pride in their industrial heritage, they have a “Route Industriakultur”  encouraging visitors to tour the sites left behind by the industries that once thrived in the “Ruhrpott”

Joe took this visit beyond the fences that keep the public out, delving into the very workings of Ruhrkohle Actiengesellschaft (Ruhr Coal PLC) and documented what is left today.

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All images © Joe Stenson, all rights reserved.The gallery’s best seen full screen!——————————-^


Joe Stenson presented to an Exposure Leeds “Talk&Social’ in 2011 | Read More

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