Royal Armouries USA

The partnership between Louisville and Leeds came about mainly due to the links between the Royal Armouries museum in Leeds and a gallery housing the USA outpost of the museum in the Frazier History Museum.

Because of this I couldn’t help but pop in and take up the offer of a ‘behind the scenes’ tour.

I enjoyed meeting everyone here and finding out more about what the museum gets up to – from props to planning and marketing to rehearsing plays.

In addition to the portraits I was especially taken by the dioramas found throughout the museum – which I captured and turned into a photographic ‘zine’ – Dioramic.

[flickrapi user=”Old Bluebeard” get=”photoset” id=”72157627918402824″ size=”z” count=”100″]

If you prefer, you can see this set of images over on

A big thanks to everyone who made me feel welcome on my visit; and to Zoe for showing me around.

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