Photo Portrait Workshop (Bradford)

This summer we’re running a series of photographic workshops along with Impressions Gallery in Bradford – here’s some information about our first…

What’s the difference between a snapshot and a portrait? A snapshot is just that, snap, shoot, there’s your photo. A portrait? Well, it captures something about the personality of your subject,
whether it’s the setting, something they’re holding or wearing, or a certain smile. If you’d like to learn from fellow photographers, join us for an afternoon of experimentation. You’ll be able to have a go at using studio lighting, and using your imagination, inspired by the fabulous Personal Best exhibition featuring portraits of young athletes by Paul Floyd Blake.

You’ll need a camera or some description and a willingness to try something new, photograph strangers and be photographed yourself.

Our workshops designed for people to learn from each other, you’ll not get PowerPoint presentations or technical tutorials, just hands-on practice. Hopefully you’ll then come to the next workshop and share what you have learned.

Saturday 14 July 2012. 1-4pm
Impressions Gallery, Bradford | Read More
Cost £5.

Please contact Impressions Gallery to book – call 08450 515 882 or visit the website.

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