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Further to our post by Exposure Leeds’ summer photo journalist, Kätlin, we had another photographer, Manav Shah, at BettaKaberet – and here’s his take on the evening…

For a long while now, Bettakultcha has been an evening of short talks accompanied by digital slide presentations. The presenters are all volunteers who have based their talk around something that they are passionate about – which can be absolutely anything. The talks and presentations kept getting better with every event.

The idea of BettaKabaret was aimed at going beyond the 20 slides/15 seconds format and give an oomph to the surprise factor. The event took place on 3rd July 2012 an the Brudnell Social Club in Leeds. The event comprised of acts interspaced with open mic events which all made it difficult to choose the best act of the lot.

The event was an absolute mix and can proudly boast of a large varierty of acts from mindreading as to “what people are thinking and solving Rubik’s cube” to saving the world , from articulation to music and rap and jazz I enjoyed it ALL.It is sometimes nice to know/ learn what people are upto and something like this gives them a nice opportunity to open their talent/ share experiences & show their skills.

I have to confess that I was quite nervous about shooting in cyclical lights and about what the event would bring. But lo and behold, it was probably one of the most entertaining events I have attended. I must admit it is not an event i thought I would be hooked too/ attend regularly but this one has changed my views for better and as the evening went on, it wasnt so surprising that the first of its kind, BettaKabaret was a full house.

[slidepress gallery=’bettakaberet-manav’]

All images © Manav Shah, all rights reserved.The gallery’s best seen full screen!——————————-^

For more on BettaKaberet, and all other things ‘Betta’, visit the BettaKultcha website.

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