Lublin, Poland

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In Leeds, there aren’t many who have not found new friends or acquaintances with a Polish person since the country joined the EU and many took advantage of free economic migration. We’re no different and thought it high time we went to see a little of the homeland our friends have left to take up a life in Britain.

Lublin is situated a little over 100 miles East of Poland’s capital, Warsaw. It is the nations’ ninth largest city (population a little over 350,000) and has existed since Medieval times. It’s current old town is undergoing a significant refresh – thanks to the collapse of the eastern bloc and Poland’s entry into the EU.

This centre is virtually car free, and composed of largely high, tightly-packed buildings around narrow cobble streets. Having an air of romanticism, with cafés spilling out onto the streets and an air of positive change the city feels on the tipping point of vibrancy and a new found sense of purpose.

These images were taken while attending with a friend who grew up in the area and I hope they help share this city as a hidden gem of the Poles.

All images © Jon Eland, all rights reserved. It’s best seen full screen!————————————————-^

Aside from this project a zine-style photobook of images from a Polish train journey is available (along with other photo projects) on my website

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  2. MikeC366 says:

    Some nice shots there John. Looking forward to some of your American ones.

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