Member websites

On this page we’re including links to galleries, photo blogs and other personal websites maintained by Exposure Leeds members.

Services offered by members are to be listed elsewhere.

  • Why not take time out to view Roger McNally’s photo blog
  • John Fotohouse has a bit of a thing for self-portraiture; check it out!
  • Michael Scott‘s blog acts as journal and photo diary – why not take a peak?
  • Why not take a peek at Santiago Almada‘s flickr stream?
  • Interested in music photography? Why not visit  Nick Pickles’ blog?
  • See what Stephen Griffin got up to all those nights he spent out in Leeds city centre…
  • Gary Stevenson shoots a variety of images, including some sublime landscape photography
  • Chris Kenworthy helps not for profits get the best out of photography and other methods of promoting themselves.
  • Why not have a peak at Alex Fleming‘s travel and wildlife photography?
  • Danny Payne’s another specialist in bands and music photography – have a look at his latest work
  • Danny Gartside shoots a lot of concerts and gigs; you’ll find his latest escapades on his Tumblr blog
  • Forty below zero is Rick Harrison’s website – where you’ll find him discussing and sharing his landscape images; largely shot in the three national parks surrounding Leeds.
  • Nick Potter‘s photo blog has lots of insight on travel and landscape photography. He also covers areas of professional practice and Adobe Lightroom
  • Strawbleu is the pseudonym of Jon Eland. This website represents his photographic art projects. Whilst his style does differ from project to project you can be certain that each series will have a sense of narrative that also has some unreality.

If you are a member of Exposure Leeds, drop an email to jon [at] requesting a link and you’ll more than likely find yourself on here shortly!

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