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While I was in Louisville I organised a photowalk, similar to the ones I run in the UK. When I arrived at the coffeeshop, Nancy’s Bagel Grounds on Frankfort Avenue, I was quite surprised (through the mist of a hangover) to see twenty locals join me. We had a wonderful phew hours together. Kathy was one of those who joined me on that walk – and I’m thrilled to be able to share a gallery of her other Louisville images with you.

Here’s the email Kathy wrote:

Hi Jon,

Here are 20 photos, taken around Louisville. I pretty much just chose my favorites from the last 8 months. I’m not sure if these are what you were looking for, but here goes.

I am a For-Fun photographer and can find things that interest me visually just about anywhere. I just like the whole process of photography. It gets you to see things from another perspective. Most of these photos were taken during some sort of photowalk with other people: the one set up by Jon in September, the Worldwide Scott Kelby Walk, weekend planned walks with one or two other local photographers. It’s one of my favorite hobbies, and a cost-friendly one, at that (you know… once you have the camera). The two locations in most of the photos I have included are Downtown Louisville and the Blackacre Nature Preserve (

My favorite subjects are pretty much anything that isn’t a person. I particularly love macros and close-ups of nature-stuff, plants and flora. I also favor sunsets, graffiti, clouds/skies, and anywhere that is abandoned.

Since taking up photography as a semi-serious hobby, I’ve been happy to organize and participate in photowalks. They are not only a great place to socialize with all types of people, but it’s a wonderful, free, learning tool!

I guess that’s it :-)

Kathy Van Ryzin

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You can see more of her images and contact Kathy on Flickr.

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