Eye on Asia 2012

Back in February, I was invited to help judge a competition of Asian imagery taken by the students of the University of Leeds and run by their East Asian Studies department.

The Eye on Asia display was in the Parkinson Building and, when I arrived I was both amazed (by the quality of the imagery) and regretting saying yes – the decision to make a selection was a difficult one. With a breadth of imagery across differing genres of photography and across the breadth of South Asia, I was truly gob smacked – and struggled to make the selection.

Luckily I wasn’t the only judge – the images had already been whittled down by the committee and there were two other judges plus a public vote – to avoid me having sole responsibility for the overall winner.

I was invited back to see the prize giving – and, again mesmerised by the images, I offered to show a selection to another audience through the Exposure Leeds website, so here is a selection of the images I got to see printed and displayed in the University:

[slidepress gallery=’eye-on-asia’]
All images © the respective photographer, all rights reserved  ____________________Go full screen!^

Photographers showing here:

Alice Elphick, Eva Tuckman, Ujwala Subba Rao, Keiko Shinoda, Chris Kennerley, Sophie Bramley, Catherine Poole, Anita Cheung, Jenny Spruell, Tom Baker, Georgina Barker, Beth Iveson, Ali Glen, Eve Baker, Freddie Simmonds, Huang Yi, Jo Cutler, Denny Moyers, Malin Hagman, Rebecca Jane Macklin, Roxy Feng, Ruairi Garvey, Tom Mahony.

Thanks to all them and to all the exhibition organisers – and especially Isabelle and Kezia – for their help and in allowing us to share this with you.

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