Expulsion: 40 Years On

We heard of an intriguing event at Leeds’ City Museum, so we sent Manav Shah along to report back for Exposure Leeds…

The event marked the 40th Anniversary of the expulsion of the South Asian community from Uganda following Idi Amin’s orders in August 1972. The event consisted of storytelling and dance workshops from local artists including local restaurateur Hansa and popular journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.

The overall event consisted of a mix of various workshops where people were involved to watch and then learn two of India’s most popular folk dances viz. Garba and Dandiya. The audience was treated to a taster of Hansa’s culinary delights. There were a couple of storytelling events from Peter Chand where he entertained the audience to folktales. The even finally ended with the gripping act from the one-woman show about Ugandan-born national political commentator and journalist Alibhai-Brown’s love of Shakespeare and her experience of migration.

All in all, a day where everyone no matter what age, caste, ethnicity or gender they were had a great time out.

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For more, visit the ’40 Years On’ website

All images © Manav Shah

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