Creative day for Leeds Digital Festival

Behind every big event there is a lot of work, hours of brainstorming and  logistics hidden from the public eye. Leeds Digital Festival that takes place in October 2012 is no exception in that matter and  on 21 July I had the chance to observe how kick-start was given to organizing three major topics – festival identity, digital presence of the festival and events during the festival.

Leeds Digital Festival is designed to bring together the brightest local digital media talents to celebrate and promote Leeds digital scene by bringing it out of the studios and offices to the public eye. The festival will cover all fields of digital media and programming and designing of computer games, web design, cinematography, art, television, music and social networking will be only some of the fields covered.

So if digital media is your thing keep an eye on Leeds Digital Festival in October 2012. If you want to know more, follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

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