And he’s off…

Well, not quite – but almost.

My suitcase is packed, boarding passes completed, frantic check that I did actually have some baggage reserved (I do) now it’s time to wonder ‘what if’ about the camera equipment I unpacked (sorry, film lovers – I don’t think the Voigtlander is going transatlantic!) and now it’s time to think a bit.

My agenda is fairly packed (considering this is aimed to be an unplanned, exploratory trip) – with 3 days taken by the Idea Festival, three days containing meetups with local photographers and some siteseeing and other highlights planned. So I’m very excited by the opportunities this all seems to be opening up.

But, back to the hear and now –  tonight I met Sylvia Bruton – the amazing lady who kicked this whole thing off; approaching Leeds City Council about Michael’s visit. After briefly discussing her trip to London (she strongly recommends the Sean Smith exhibition). We were quickly into discussing business and schemes.

Already we we’re talking about how we can involved 11-14 years old students in the twinning project and how we might link the Looking Good project with a neighbourhood development scheme in Louisville. Of how we can make use of the work Michael has made (and I plan to) and how we can create more links between these two distant but similar cities.

I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my trip to Louisville – having part of the city come to me and welcome me whilst still in my own city.

So… next stop Louisville (via Manchester and Philadelphia!)

Image © Ann Green, 2011. All rights reserved.

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