An Estonian visitor in Leeds!

We’re very excited at Exposure Leeds – as we’re hosting a student from Tartu Art College, Estonia. Kätlin Avald joins us from July to September and will be attending some Exposure Leeds events, conducting her own project on other form her country in Leeds – but she’ll also be visiting different public events in the city and documenting them on our behalf through the eyes of an Estonian – and sharing back through the Looking Good Leeds website!

What camera(s) do you shoot with?
Pentax K10d + Sigma 17-70; Canon EOS 30 + Canon EF 50mm; Canon IXUS 220 HS

Crucifying the Photographer

Tell us about a favourite photo you shot?
It is Crucifying the Photographer, a group portrait. It is exactly the way it is titled plus many semantic layers garnished with some pure fun with friends.

A favourite photographer of yours?
I love Rankin’s portraits and Bitesnich’s nudes but so many more inspire me as well so it’s very hard to just name one.

What is your favourite type of photo to shoot?
My favourite is studio photography in general, both still life and models are fun to shoot.

Why did you choose Leeds?
Because my best friend, whom I haven’t seen for over a year, lives here.

What are you excited about seeing?
The whole Leeds area in general because it’s my first time here. I’m also extremely fond of British

Kätlin Avald

What are you hoping to get from the visit?
I’m hoping to become more confident about shooting strangers and to grow on both personal and
professional level.

What would you like to return to Estonia with?
Many new contacts, a broader world view and a lot of fresh energy to start my final year at Tartu Art College.

What can Exposure Leeds members do to make your visit special?
I don’t want to be treated very special, friendly but sincere smiles will do.

What is your favourite colour?

Kätlin’s work can be seen on her online folio; and you’ll soon see her posts here on Exposure Leeds’ Looking Good Leeds section.

All images ©Kätlin Avald. All rights reserved.

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