Our policies

We’re often asked about our ‘policies’ and I think it’s expected that we’ll roll out a whole set of complex documents.

Well  here are our policies:

  • We support the concepts of fairness, understanding and equality and expect everyone who takes part in our activities to do the same.
  • We believe in working towards a sustainable future and ask our members to consider the environment when organising or attending events.
  • We think all organisations should act with consideration for the communities they operate in; we’re no different and aim to ensure we give back to those around us.
  • We think everyone has a right to their personal safety – and ask all our organisers to ensure their attendees can expect appropriate considerations to be made and implemented
  • We’ll keep a very close eye on any information you give us (but don’t expect privacy at our events; you will be photographed!)
  • Your property is important and we believe in the importance of copyright law. We aim to assist our members in ensuring they are propely re-imbursed when their images are used by others.
  • We’ll try not to break the law and will report anyone we believe to be doing so – or to be deliberately endangering or harming others.

It is our director’s responsibility to ensure we adhere to these policies – speak to them if you feel we’re falling short.

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