International twinning

Alongside our local community photography objectives we are now looking beyond city, regional and even national borders to seek to develop better photography.

Starting late 2010 we agreed to joining with International Leeds to host a photographer from Leeds’ twin city in the USA, Louisville (Kentucky) – as a great opportunity not only for us to find out about the interests, issues and objectives of photographers from other cultures – but also to see how they reflect on our own photography and culture.

Michael will be capturing some of the people of Leeds to take back to Louisville and display as part of an exhibition in 2012. Later this year Jon Eland will make the return trip and aim to establish further links with photographers and photography groups in our twin city – and to establish links that will help future exchanges to take place.

Looking beyond the immediate exchange we are also extending on our local community activity – having been invited to deliver a photo walk as part of Saltaire Arts Trail we are going to link this with a photo walk that will be led by Exposure Leeds members at 3 Harbours Arts Festival near Edinburgh (Scotland).

We already have our sights set wider afield – with interest in Durban (our South African twin) and Dortmund in Germany.

Some of this twinning may have to be virtual – others involving face to face activity and travel. We hope to offer international opportunities to as many Exposure Leeds members as possible.

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