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*yes, turndown is a bmx-ing term and yes, it’s use there is cringeworthy – sorry!

This article showcases the work of Exposure Leeds’ member, Joe Bailey

I have always felt as though I am a jack of all trades and master of none. This statement is often said in an inferior way, that being the master of a subject, is always best. I also agree with that to a certain extent, I mean, if I was to get someone in to sort out the plumbing for instance, I wouldn’t look up a tiler or handyman in the yellow pages who have done a spot of plumbing at home. I would go straight to the plumbing section and get the job done.

Now, being a great plumber would be marvelous if you absolutely love plumbing and can’t think of anything else in the world you would rather do. But in most cases, that’s just not going to happen. Mr Plumber gets home from work, tired and bored of doing the same old job everyday and just wants his tea and to go to bed.

Whereas the humble handy man, who is almost looked-down on for being an odd job man, someone who you can get in to patch a small hole in the wall and hang a door while he’s there, is the real winner. Mr Handy Man doesn’t care what everyone thinks of him, because he has plenty of odd jobs on, which for the most part, don’t take that long and every day he is somewhere new, doing something different to the last job. With variety being the spice of life, he’s eating chicken Madras for breakfast, dinner and tea.

Even though I work for Ride UK (an international, UK-based, BMX magazine) I don’t like to label myself and say that I am just a BMX photographer. Neither am I a portrait photographer, landscape photographer or street photographer to name a few. I like to shoot everything, as long as it’s something of interest to me, I’ll photograph of it. I still don’t really like to say I’m a photographer I feel a tad pretentious when the words come out of my mouth. I just like to do what I do, sit back and let everyone else do the talking (in most cases). I also work in events as a crew worker, this is basically laboring, but for large gigs and not on the building site. I really enjoy it and think that a good bit of manual labour keeps you in touch with reality.

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I shoot with both film and digital, but deep down I prefer film. It’s expensive, takes way more time to get a viewable image and in some cases the outcome isn’t what you wanted. BUT it’s all worth it! When I use film, I actually think about the subject, look at my surroundings, look at shadows and highlights, REALLY think about my settings, the list goes on and on. With digital the only real benefit to me is that, it’s quick and easy.

I hope you have enjoyed what you see and If you would like to see any more of my work, please go to these websites – Flickr and Tumblr.

Many thanks – Joe Bailey

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