A Betta Dressing-up Party?

Well, Exposure Leeds seems to have gone a bit BettaKultcha crazy of late (and who are we to shy from shining a light on one of Leeds’ more interesting entertainment phenomena?) Adding to Jon’s coverage of BettaKultcha at the Corn Exchange last year we had Katlin and Manav reporting on BettaKabaret a couple of weeks ago, now here’s a report from ‘BettaSocial’ – which was captured by regulars, John Dolan and Si Cliff. Si introduces…

We went with high expectations of a fun night and wasn’t disappointed, I’m not sure who was most excited, the gaggle of young lady’s who seemed to want to try every outfit on or our own john Dolan who was in his element with so many hats and props!

There was a dancing bear and a man in a bowler hat singing Al Jolson.

Scary rabbits and Dorothy’s magical red sparkly shoes – everywhere you looked people were texting what was happening and sharing their delights at what they were seeing and hearing all this among storyies from the random slideshows were clever and amusing, all in all a fantastic evening.

[flickrapi user=”exposure leeds” get=”gallery” id=”53087707-72157630685727510″ size=”z” count=”100″]

This gallery is just a sample – for more, visit Si or John‘s Flickr galleries. For more on BettaKultcha, visit their website or follow them on twitter.

All images © John Dolan or Si Cliff. Used with permission.

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