Doppleganged. And again. And again.

Tonight sees the private view of Leeds College of Art & Design’s end of year show, Revealed. So, by way of introduction to the exhibition of work we thought we’d feature the work of one of the contributors.

“Posh & Becks”

We often come across interesting photographers while looking around the internet – and Benjamin Turgel was one of these – a student photographer with seeming superstar portraits – until you look again. Here we find out a little more about his ‘In & Out’ project…

In & Out is a collaborative project, looking into the idea of identity and dress. The main aim of the project was to investigate how a style of dress establishes identity, how fashion is used to define status and how the photographer’s representation can affect the identity of a person. Using celebrity lookalikes, Benjamin Turgel explores today’s fascination with celebrity culture and identity, focusing on how people use other people’s celebrity status to form an occupation for themselves and how this leads to the formation of a separate identity which differs from their own. Working with the theme of celebrity lookalikes, Turgel created a project that leads viewers to question whether they are seeing the lookalike or the actual celebrity.


Working mainly as the photographer, and also making a major contribution to the construction and success of the image Benjamin plays a significant role in the careers of the lookalikes whom he works with. Without the photographs these lookalikes may otherwise be anonymous. At the moment, at this stage in his career, these photographs are the nearest he can get to shooting the famous. These shoots give him crucial experience that will be useful to him in his proposed future career, whilst giving the lookalikes the hope of fame.

Benjamin’s outlet for this assignment was to create and work in the genre of a magazine. The magazine gives him the chance to explore the concept of his project; publishing his final work in magazines to discover whether this publicity would lead to fame for the lookalikes, purely for looking like somebody else and also to kick start his career as a studio photographer.

“Nicki Minaj”

In preparing for this article we caught up with Benjamin and asked him to provide a small selection of the images from his magazine to appear on Exposure Leeds…

“I have chosen to present these in this article because I personally feel these lookalikes are the most successful ones in the project – all three make you look twice. The gestures and poses make the lookalikes more believable. These lookalikes are of people very involved in the celebrity scene at the moment. As a photographer I shot the lookalikes very much imagining these people were the celebrities.”

Benjamin also wants to thank all those who helped with the project – for full credits see his online magazine…

You can see the whole project in magazine form on Issuu and Benjamin’s full folio on the Behance network.

‘Revealed’ runs 16th-21st June at the Blenheim Walk campus. For specific opening times and more, visit the website or Facebook page.

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