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One of the (few) photographers Michael Brohm knew over in Louisville was Mike Sebastian after a lot of wrong places at wrong times and conflicting schedules, we finally managed to get together at a Heine coffee shop – since then I’ve paid close attention to his work and I’m personally quite spellbound by it. It’s because of this reason I’m very please to be able to share this series of images from Mike; and here’s what he had to say about them… 

These images are from my series-in-progress, Economalypse, which explores the human-marked landscape of the Las Vegas metro area in the wake of the Economic Apocalypse (hence, econom-alypse) that began in 2008. The US housing “bubble” burst, and with it the wider US, and world, economy; Las Vegas, Nevada — that capital city of hedonism and escapist pleasure — was among the hardest-hit places in the United States. The collapsed economy decimated its tourist industry, and its job and housing markets tanked as a result. Once the fastest-growing metropolitan area in the US, Las Vegas has since the collapse led the nation in “underwater” mortgages and foreclosures. I’m hoping to return to photograph further, and perhaps include other cities in Las Vegas and the American southwest.

Economalypse is really an extension of the work I have done for the past several years — focused on the landscape as it has been shaped by the presence of human-kind. I am fascinated with suburbia, for instance (where I live), and its über-groomed, manicured perfection — a manifestation, like much of the “built” landscape, of the compelling human need to leave one’s mark on one’s own little patch of space, however grand or humble it might be. I took a closer look at suburbia and exurbia in my project 52 Miles, which explores many of the same themes as found along the 52-mile route of my daily commute to and from my day job as a physician.

I welcome inquiries and look forward to sharing work and insights with our comrades in Leeds.

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You can find more of Mike’s work on his website and flickr photosteam.

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