“The detritus of a disposable society”

After a short break we’re back with our Exposure Leeds magazine articles, here James Lester shares with us some of his rationale and imagery…

My work represents the detritus of a disposable society, where buildings and places are the remnants of formerly bustling and successful organisations and institutions. The stillness of these locations is what interests me most following what were often centres of communities and places where people shared experiences.

I have been recording forgotten places for six years now and I have moved away from recording digitally and towards the more detailed medium of medium format film. Human activity is what forms the details in these buildings and my most recent work is in response to the remnants of human activity visible in these details rather than the buildings themselves.

In the future, my work will continue to be as much an exploration of the social rise and fall as it is of the buildings that mark the fall. I intend to amass a substantial documentation over a period of decades of my small corner of West Yorkshire which will present communities thriving and declining along with our heritage and the reasons behind it.

James Lester

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Editor: A bit of an intro… a while back we considered the idea of an Exposure Leeds magazine, and a lot of headway was made in preparing content for the magazine but, for a multitude of reasons, this never actually became reality. Rather than waste all the effort that went into preparing this material, we’re now publishing all this material in a ‘magazine’ section of the website.

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