“people having fun and enjoying themselves”

In the third in our series on Kirkstall Festival photographer team, Nathan Strachan and Dawn Cobe share their thoughts and images with us…

Did you enjoy attending the festival?
We both had a great time – happy to do it again next year.

How did capturing your theme go?
We found it (‘Play’) very challenging to begin with, but found that having a theme actually pushed us into being more experimental and trying out techniques and approaches that we do not normally use. In fact it felt like we were photographing a totally different event from last year.

What was the vibe like on the day?
Same as last year: people having fun and enjoying themselves. It had a very nice community feel.

Any highlights of the day?
Dawn: Being in the arena with the eagles and vultures
Nathan: Having full access to the arena.

Show us a favourite image of yours…

‘Train ride' – Nathan's favourite image

‘Boy on horse’ – Dawn's favourite image

Any advice or top tips for others doing similar event photography?
Get out of your comfort zone.

And, finally 3 words to sum up your day..?
Tiring, challenging, fun.

Here’s my favourite selection from their images:

And you can view all Nathan and Dawn‘s submitted shots on their respective Flickr pages.

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